Avdiev specialises in remuneration consulting services and human resources research for the property, investment, construction industries and all built environment related professions.

Avdiev Remuneration Report 2016 with 4 page October Update

The October Update to the Avdiev Report 2016 – 30th Edition has been released. The latest news includes:
  • pay differentials between sectors
  • who got what
  • what comes next
  • pay rises awarded to staff in market sectors with strong, long term futures
  • the effect of casualisation on the industry
  • incentives targeted for review
  • gender diversity successes and struggles.
The Avdiev Report provides essential data on the latest in property pay sourced by a formal survey from employer companies in the property markets – not recruiter data. Contributors of remuneration data are entitled to a 50% discount on the full price of the Report. Please click below for an order form or contact us for further infomation.

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Two searchable databases identifying women directors and senior executives in ASX Top 300 and ASX Property Companies.

About Avdiev

Avdiev provides remuneration benchmarking services to the property, investment and construction industry and built environment related professional consultants.  We cover 12 market sectors throughout Australia. 

The Avdiev Report is the result of a formal survey process among industry employers conducted bi-annually.

A long established and wholly owned boutique Australian management consultancy, it is headed by an industry professional with many years of diverse experience.

Realistic, pragmatic, factual advice is offered here.


November 2016

A November Update from Avdiev

It's good to come home.

Despite the local gripes and worries Australia is still the place to be, especially in the prosperous states on the East Coast. The pollies are squabbling, the Senate is in a state of flux, the media, having hyperventilated about minor issues, is polarising along political lines and the Aussie credit card is clocking up debt at an exponential rate.

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